Blotchy skin in cold water

Marbled skin


How does marbled skin express itself?

When the ambient temperature changes, the appearance of the skin can change. As long as there are no abnormalities such as enlarged birthmarks, these are usually harmless. One of these phenomena is marbled skin.

In a healthy, vital person, marbled skin is a sign of insufficient blood circulation and should disappear again after a short stay in a warm place. If the blood vessels are enlarged again, enough blood flows through the veins and the skin gets an even color again.

Marbled skin and possible diseases

The strong marbling of the skin can indicate other causes in addition to poor blood circulation. One possible disease is livedo reticularis. In addition to the extremities, the trunk is also affected. The narrowing of the vessels is reduced again when you move from the cold air or cold water into warm rooms. The marbling of the skin can also indicate rheumatic diseases such as arthritis or rheumatic fever. In both cases, a detailed examination by the doctor is necessary. The skin changes can also be an indication of occlusive diseases or low blood pressure.

Overview of information on marbled skin

  • Marbled skin is usually harmless
  • Common cause of marbled skin: Insufficient blood flow
  • After a short stay in the warm, marbled skin should disappear again

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