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Where can I install a GPS tracker in a car? 5 tips for the correct installation location

A car houses numerous hiding places for a GPS tracker. The perfect hiding place for a GPS tracking device decides whether you have one Track down GPS trackers can. If you choose the right installation location, you not only have perfect reception, but also make it particularly difficult for a car thief. But where can you install a GPS tracker? With a GPS magnet tracker By the way, you are much more flexible, because a magnet tracker does not need to be wired.

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Car interior

The interior of a car offers many hiding places and installation locations for a GPS tracker. Some locations are particularly easy to reach, other installation locations can only be reached with increased effort. Another important question is how easily a thief can find a GPS tracker. The more complicated a GPS tracker is, the more difficult it is for a thief to reach it. You should also pay attention to the power supply. Is it possible to easily access the power supply where the GPS tracker is installed or is it necessary to lay cables first? And how good is the GPS and GSM reception anyway? Some examples of good indoor GPS tracker hiding spots are:

In the glove compartment - the classic

Although the glove compartment is particularly easy to access, hiding a GPS tracker is very easy, but where you can easily get there, the thief can easily get there. Better forget about the glove box.

Under the dashboard

The GPS tracker installation under the dashboard offers the advantage that the GPS tracker can be hidden particularly well. Usually used here GPS transmitter for cars for permanent installation. A tracker is therefore invisible there even to the car thief. The power supply for the tracker is also easily accessible, as there are numerous power lines under the dashboard. However, the installation under the dashboard is associated with increased installation effort and therefore less suitable for the layman.

Under the center console

Hidden installation is also possible here, the GPS tracker is rather difficult to access for the thief. Power lines can also be laid well and hidden. However, the paneling of the center console must also be removed here, which results in increased effort.

Under the driver or passenger seat

The area under the driver's seat or the front passenger seat is easily accessible for installation. However, this also applies to a thief. A power cable would have to be laid there first.

In the driver and front passenger footwell

The invisible area in the footwell is ideal for both the driver and the passenger side. The passenger area is easier to access due to the lack of pedals. Depending on the type of car, there is also a power supply in the footwell, which makes installation easier.

In the fuse box

Depending on the vehicle, the fuse box offers sufficient storage space for a GPS tracker. Most GPS tracker models are about the size of a cigarette pack or smaller. The power supply is also very easily accessible there. Another advantage is that the tracker can be installed largely hidden there.

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Engine compartment

The engine bay is one of the most popular ways to install a GPS tracker in a car. You can just get there and the power supply is within easy reach thanks to the car battery. However, the engine compartment is exposed to the elements. Moisture, wetness, salt and cold are therefore in the immediate vicinity of the GPS tracking system.


The bumper can also be a suitable installation location for a GPS tracker in the car. The tracker can be attached to many bumpers inside or behind the bumper. Thanks to the headlights, the power supply is also relatively easy to reach.

Vehicle underbody

In practice, the car underbody is only for GPS magnet tracker suitable. These long-term trackers can be attached to the vehicle without screws thanks to the magnets. A power supply is usually only poorly or not at all available on the sub-floor. A mobile GPS tracker does not need an external power supply either, because the long-term battery has capacities in the range of 10,000 mAh, depending on the tracker model.


The trunk of a car, like the interior in the driver and passenger areas, is very well suited for the installation of a GPS tracker. It is dry, the car power supply is easily accessible and the reception is usually very good. But where exactly can you hide a GPS tracker in the trunk?

Under the spare wheel

The area under the spare wheel is also suitable for hiding a GPS tracker in a car. However, you should test the reception as part of a test and test drive to ensure that the spare wheel does not impair reception.

In storage compartments

Many luggage compartments offer several storage compartments that are suitable as hiding places. Often there are side storage compartments on the sides of the trunk, in which junk can collect over time. Sometimes there is even a 12V cigarette lighter socket. A GPS tracker can be hidden there without much effort. Many vehicles also have storage compartments on the floor of the trunk.

In the first aid kit

The first aid kit is a particularly exciting place for a GPS tracker because there is a high probability that a thief will not look there. Simply poke / drill a small hole in the ground, power cable through, tracker in, done. It would be better, however, to use a mobile phone GPS magnet tracker with long-life battery. The antennas are located there in the housing and an external power supply is not necessary (advantage: no cabling for antennas or electricity). A little tip: buy a second first aid kit that you can use as a GPS tracker hiding place. In this way, you will not have to explain yourself to a police check if your only first aid kit has been opened and unsealed.

In the trim of the tailgate / trunk lid

Depending on the vehicle, the trim of the trunk lid (tailgate) can be removed quite easily. However, a power supply is not always available here.

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