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Biontech vaccination: effectiveness, side effects - all information

  • The vaccine from the manufacturers Biontech and Pfizer is one of the most important corona vaccines
  • The preparation called "Comirnaty" is considered to be particularly effective and safe
  • But what are the possible side effects? How high is the effectiveness? Read all information about the mRNA vaccine here

The German-American corona vaccine from the pharmaceutical companies Biontech and Pfizer was one of the first vaccines to be approved and used to combat the corona pandemic. Because of its high effectiveness and the rather low probability of side effects, the active ingredient called "Comirnaty" is considered to be particularly safe.

The vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer, like the preparation from Moderna, is one of the mRNA vaccines. Read everything about the effects, side effects, second vaccinations and all other information here. Also read: All important questions and answers about the corona vaccines and the vaccination

Biontech: How effective is the corona vaccine?

According to the current state of knowledge, the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer has an effectiveness of around 95 percent. It should be noted, however, that complete protection is only given after the second vaccination. Not immediately, however, but after around seven days. Those who have been vaccinated are about 95 percent less likely to be infected with corona than those who have not been vaccinated.

What side effects can the Biontech vaccine have?

As with any vaccination, there are also possible side effects with the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine:

  • Injection site pain
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Exhaustion
  • a headache
  • Fever (rare)
  • fatigue
  • Allergic reaction / anaphylactic shock (very rare)

How long do the side effects last?

Possible vaccination reactions usually occur shortly after the injection and last a few days. Allergic reactions can occur immediately after vaccination, which is why vaccinated persons must remain under observation at the vaccination center or the doctor for half an hour after the vaccine has been administered. If symptoms persist over a longer period of time, you should consult your family doctor. Read here: Protects

Bionech: Can vaccinated people pass on the virus?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) currently assumes that people who have been vaccinated can continue to transmit the virus. The viral load, however, is greatly reduced in people who become infected with SARS-CoV-2 despite being vaccinated, as is the virus excretion. This means that the risk of transmission is greatly reduced, but is still there. Therefore, vaccinated people should also adhere to the applicable hygiene rules.

Are Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer mRNA vaccines equivalent?

The vaccines from Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer are based on mRNA technology. Both have a similarly good effectiveness - Moderna with 94.1 percent is only slightly lower than Biontech with 95 percent. The side effects are also comparable.

Who will get the vaccine from Biontech?

Unlike the vaccine from Astrazeneca, for which the federal government has abolished prioritization, the Biontech product still has a vaccination sequence. On May 11, after Canada, the USA also approved the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine for children and adolescents from the age of twelve. The EU Medicines Agency (EMA) is also currently reviewing the approval of the corona vaccine for this age group. The goal is definitely a decision in June.

What is the interval between the first and second vaccination?

The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) recommends an interval of six weeks between the first and second vaccination with mRNA active ingredients. Initially, the period was shorter, but it was extended because a better protective effect can be observed after a longer period of time. In addition, more vaccine doses are available, which means that more people can get an initial dose.

Can I choose Biontech as a vaccine?

No. According to the current of the Corona vaccination regulation Citizens are not entitled to a specific vaccine. The Standing Vaccination Commission had recommended after thrombosis cases that people under 60 should not be given the Astrazeneca vaccine, or only after a thorough risk assessment. The chance of being vaccinated with another vaccine, such as that from Biontech, is therefore slightly higher for younger people.

Does the Biontech vaccine cause thrombosis?

There is also a risk of thrombosis with mRNA vaccines. However, this is less than with vector vaccines like Astrazeneca. The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) wrote in a safety report that of 42 sinus vein thrombosis cases examined after corona vaccinations, seven occurred after administration of the Biontech preparation. The remaining cases were related to Astrazeneca.

Does Biontech work against corona mutations?

According to the Robert Koch Institute, all corona vaccines available in Germany protect against the virus mutations, including the variants from Brazil and South Africa. In general, mRNA vaccines can be adapted quickly and easily if they are not effective against predominant mutants.

What kind of vaccine is Comirnaty?

Biontech / Pfizer's vaccine is based on mRNA technology. The body receives genetic material from the virus, a kind of blueprint in the form of RNA for the construction of parts of the virus, so-called virus proteins. The immune system then reacts to these virus proteins - for example by forming antibodies. More on this:Corona vaccination: this is how mRNA vaccines work