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Windows 7 classic Menu START button - how to change / remove text from this button?

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  • text / html10 / 20/2017 10:44:26 AMvtold0


    I have Windows 7 with the classic theme.

    I want to change / remove the text "Start" from Menu Start Button (that in left down corner of the screen).

    I know how to change it (with ResHacker) in Windows XP but unfortunatelly this way is not possible for Windows 7.

    Maybe someone could help me please.

    Best regards


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  • text / html10 / 21/2017 3:16:59 AMvtold0

    Thank you for your answer.

    I know classic shell, but looking for a way how to change text without installing third party software.

    To be clear: which file has this text inside or which file has bitmap with this text (the word 'Start').

  • text / html10 / 23/2017 2:52:01 AMvivian_zhou0


    Based on my knowledge, there isn't an official method to custom the Start button icon.

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  • text / html10 / 23/2017 6:23:32 AMvtold0

    Thank you Vivian,

    but I want to know where this button is located in.

    If the orb icons are inside the explorer.exe maybe someone could point me, where is the icon of start menu button from classic theme?

  • text / html10 / 23/2017 8:30:04 AMvivian_zhou0


    It is located at "% windir% \ Branding \ ShellBrd" folder and you can remove or change the win logo by edit it:

    Please Note: Since the website isn't hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft doesn't guarantee the accuracy of this information.

    However, it is dangerous to edit the system file, I suggest you to create a system restore point in case you edit the file by mistaken.

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  • text / html11 / 16/2017 8:43:22 PMthemanindbox0


    Here is what you can and can't do ..

    1. You can modify the button ..

    2. You will need to use a 3rd party tool to do it ..

    Why can't you do it without a 3rd party tool?

    Well, ..

    The Actual image for the start button is a multiple layer 57px x 57px x 108px x 162px x 0px x 54px file ..

    If you change this file to a standard bitmap, you will lose the start button, and most likely BSOD ..

    If you modify the original start button and don't get the multiple layer multiple pixel size correct, you will lose the start button and likely BSOD.

    If you create a new start button, the multiple layer, and get on a whim everything correct, the folder structure, uses the different levels of the button to open in a specific sequence in order for your theme to work correctly ..

    If you get the folder order, file structure incorrect, you will also have issues there ..

    I would strongly suggest you just use a 3rd party tool to do this, if you absolutely need to do this ..

    Otherwise, if it is a test system, and you don't care if it never boots again, you can look further into it on google, there are sites listed that give step by step instructions with around 20% of listed comments indicating that there machines aren't bricked ..