What does 6MB internet speed mean

Video streaming without stuttering: DSL has to be that fast for Netflix & Co.

The faster your DSL, the better the quality of video streams. But what are the requirements of streaming providers for HD and 4K videos. We show it and have speed tests ready.

Not all Netflix is ​​created equal. Streamed series that still look great on your buddy can look like mud in your home. The reason: Before Netflix, Maxdome, Amazon & Co. start the video stream, your DSL line is measured. Depending on how fast your DSL is at the time of measurement, the video stream is compressed to a greater or lesser extent. Basic rule: faster DSL line, better video quality. But how fast should your DSL be for Netflix and other video streaming providers? Corresponding minimum requirements also apply to streaming offers from live TV providers such as Magine, Sky Go, TV SPIELFILM live and Zattoo.

Video streaming from 0.5 to 25 Mbit / s

In order to use Netflix, you do not necessarily need fast internet. Netflix delivers its video streams from 0.5 Mbit per second, Amazon from 0.9 and Maxdome from 2 Mbit / s. The streams then don't look particularly appealing. For HD, at least 3.5 Mbit / s (Amazon) or 5 (Netflix) and 6 Mbit / s (Maxdome) are required. The still rare 4K offers make a real leap. Amazon estimates 15 Mbit / s, with Netflix you have to get 25 Mbit / s over the DSL line.

Speed ​​test: measure your line

In order to determine what quality the streaming provider delivers for you, the providers' speed tests are ideal. In the past, the Netflix speed test played a test video, now the speed of the line is measured in cooperation with Fast.com. You can also use our CHIP speed test for this. The Netflix ISP Speed ​​Index for Germany, which is updated monthly by Netflix and compares the actual streaming bandwidth of Internet providers, is exciting. The cable internet providers Unitymedia and Kabel Deutschland (Vodafone) are currently in charge here. The available speed also depends on the end device and the type of connection used. As a rule, for example, wired connections are faster than WiFi.

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