Howard Wasdin Black Hawk Down documentary

General Terms

Nonrefundable 50% deposit of honorarium and projected travel expenditures due upon signing of speaking agreement. Agreement will be legally binding upon signing of contract and receipt of deposit, with balance of honorarium received and paid in full one week prior to the event, and final travel expenditures due from sponsor upon final receipt of bills, no later than 30 days following the event. Neglecting the payment of the balance of honorarium prior to the event will nullify the agreement unless prior arrangements are made with Dr. Wasdin.
In the event travel restrictions, based on airlines, weather, or other acts of God, are placed on Dr. Wasdin that cannot be re-routed or altered to guarantee his presence at the event, the engagement can either be re-scheduled or refunded, based on the wishes of the event sponsor.

Technical requirements

Power Point with remote, Headset / wireless microphone, Audio / video, Podium
Film / Photo / Recording Policy - Policy on photos, film, video, recording, cell phone recording, etc.
-No videotaping / recording of a speaking event without expressed prior written permission from Dr. Wasdin.
-No cell phone recording or photos without consent
-Absolutely no "YouTube" posting of presentations or other internet / email postings of presentations.
-If written permission to record is given by Dr. Wasdin, Absolutely no consent of reproduction for profit will be granted, nor stated or implied. Permissible recordings will be for in-house use only.