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Cleaning car paint: Tips & household items for proper care without microscratches

Caring for car paint: household items vs. special cleaners

If you look around the specialist store for car and paintwork care, you will quickly see how much money you can spend on professional cleaning agents. From special sponges to car shampoo to polishing machines, there are no limits to the desire to buy.
The products are specially developed for the respective cleaning purpose and are particularly recommended by leading manufacturers.
But who do not invest large sums of money want to clean the paint, comes with too Budget far.

Avoid microscratches: Correct cleaning is decisive

Microscratches are fine scratches on the vehicle that are mainly in clear coat occur and different causes can have:

  • Everyday use, e.g. due to fine particles in the air while driving
  • Covering the vehicle
  • Work on paint and body
  • Placing objects on or leaning against the vehicle
  • Paint care products that work too roughly
  • Improper cleaning of the vehicle ("wash scraper")

In addition to traces of parking and incorrect paint care products, so-called wash scratches, i.e. micro-scratches that occur during cleaning, can be influenced very well.
Dirt particles, that come from the car itself or, for example, stick in sponges and brushes that cause unsightly marks. In connection with the pressure with which the vehicle is cleaned, they leave behind a particularly large number of fine scratches.

Preventing wash scratches: this is how you clean the paintwork correctly

When there is mechanical contact Microscratches in clear coat almost never to be avoided completely. All forms of laundry work with cleaning instruments that come into contact with the paint - from hand sponges to brushes in the washing system. The goal is to let this occur as little as possible.
On following notes you should pay attention to the washing system on the one hand and hand washing on the other hand:

Reduce microscratches in the car wash

The car wash is the most common reason for car wash scratches. This is due to the pressure with which brushes and other elements remove protection. In addition, car washes clean many vehicles one after the other. Dirt can get stuck in the cleaning elements and cause fine scratches in the next vehicle.
So that as little dirt as possible is carried into the automatic part of the car wash, comes a high-pressure cleaner in some washing systems in front of the automated brushes, which are operated by hand. Many dirt particles are removed from the paint and do not form "sandpaper" for the paint in the subsequent wash.

Basically: The more intensive the pre-wash with the high-pressure cleaner, the fewer microscratches will appear later. So make sure you pre-wash as extensively as possible when deciding on a car wash.