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The Bavarian Rescher

Your barbecue must-have for 2021

for crispy Wammerl, fish, spare ribs, and much more.

The Bavarian Rescher is our declaration of love to the Wammerl 🥓 ❤️

With our invention from Bavaria, the Wammerl, or as they say "pork belly", is always perfect. We give you our word of honor for this!

Our secret behind it is the perfect angle for the best Wammerl: juicy inside, crispy outside!

Every now and then we have to grill a fish. Thanks to the Bavarian Rescher, it is crispy and crispy on the outside and remains juicy on the inside.

A real treat for the barbecue season - which, by the way, never ends for us personally 🐟 🔥

Spare ribs as they should be: crisp on the outside, soft as butter on the inside.

Grilled at the perfect angle, this succeeds again and again and the bone is wonderfully easy to detach from the meat. Delicious!

The idea alone is so delicious that we have to take a break to enjoy while writing this text 🍖

We came to the drumsticks quite late. The constant turning for an all-round perfect result was too annoying for us.

Attention pun: Hard to Hendl 🤣

But now with the Rescher simply turned on its side, it is also quite crisp here and wonderfully juicy inside 😋

Discover our Bavarian Rescher

Hello your calves, we are Alex & Tobi 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️

We invented our Bavarian Rescher in our home country Bavaria and it is made here 💙

In this video we whet your appetite and show you what you can refine with our Bavarian Rescher:

Juicy inside & crisp outside!

With our Bavarian Rescher 🔥🥰

Thank you for your sensational feedback!
Your Alex and Tobi.

Resche greetings, Alex and Tobi.