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Pneumatic weapons: Special sport and recreational weapons

Compressed air rifles & Co are partly subject to the Weapons Act

Compressed air weapons are mostly used in Germany in connection with shooting sports or trends like that Airsoft games discussed. How exactly these weapons work or what legal regulations must be observed when purchasing and owning, however, is largely unknown to most. It is important to know when Air guns according to the law count among the weapons that do not require a license or that require a license.

The bullet energy and also the appearance of the weapons play a crucial role here. The following guide goes into more detail on the legal provisions for these special weapons and illuminates the requirements for owning and carrying them.

FAQ: air guns

Which weapons are considered compressed air weapons?

The weapons work using compressed air, which can be created by compressed air, gas or spring pressure. They are mostly used in sports or in leisure time.

Does the Weapons Act apply to compressed air weapons?

A distinction is made between weapons that do not require a license and that require a license. Weapons with projectile energy over 0.5 joules fall under the Weapons Act. The same applies if these weapons are counted as apparent weapons.

Are compressed air weapons to be entered in a weapon possession card?

A gun ownership card is not required for guns under 7.5 joules. However, leading in public is not permitted. A WBK must be available from a projectile energy of more than 7.5 joules.

What are compressed air weapons?

Pneumatic weapons are also colloquially known as Air pistol, Air rifle or Air rifle referred to, the latter being a technically incorrect designation. These weapons work using compressed air, but have nothing to do with air pressure itself.

In general, air guns are Firearmstaking a shot either by applying compressed air, Gas pressure or Spring pressure submit. In the first variant, stored compressed air is pressed through a valve when the shot is fired and thus drives the projectile.

In the version with a gas drive cold propellant such as carbon dioxide used to move the bullet when a shot is fired. In the third variant, a spring loaded piston used. This creates an air cushion in a cylinder and thus drives the projectile.

Examples of the use of compressed air weapons

Compressed air weapons are primarily used today as Sports equipment used. Air pressure shooting is one of the Olympic disciplinesthat are practiced and taught in shooting clubs.

However, certain types of air guns are also used in leisure time. These weapons are used, for example, at shooting galleries at Christmas or annual markets. But air guns are also used for airsoft or paintball.

In addition, the use of compressed air-based weapons by veterinarians and in zoos is not uncommon, as often the Tranquilizer guns and -guns work with this principle. However, the use of compressed air weapons for the purpose of pest control is prohibited.

When do compressed air weapons fall under the Weapons Act?

In the case of compressed air weapons, between permission-free and weapons requiring a license A distinction must be made when it comes to the issue of the rights to acquire and possess weapons.

So air guns fall with a Bullet energy under 0.5 Joule are not subject to the Weapons Act (WaffG) and are freely available. This is for example at Airsoft and Paintball guns the case. However, if these real weapons are so similar that they can be confused, they are fake weapons and the corresponding regulations apply. Although they are toys, they are generally forbidden to be used in public. This applies to airsoft guns.

Compressed air, Compressed gas and Spring pressure guns can, however, fall under the Arms Act. If their projectile energy is between 0.6 and 7.5 joules, the weapons are license-free and can be sold to adults without restrictions. In addition, these weapons must be marked with an F in a pentagon. The same applies to weapons that were manufactured in the GDR before January 1st, 1970 or before April 2nd, 1991.

A Gun ownership card is not to be presented for the compressed air weapons. However, it is forbidden to lead in public without a permit under the law on weapons. A gun license must also be available for a license-free air rifle. However, this is usually not granted for these weapons. A violation of the weapons law can be a fine of up to 10,000 euros or in severe cases one Imprisonment entail.

It is a compressed air weapon that requires a permit, provided that the projectile energy is used over 7.5 joules lies. A firearms possession card is required for acquisition and possession. Here, too, you must be of legal age in order to be able to purchase the weapons. Driving without a gun license is also prohibited.

For the projectiles of the compressed air guns no requirements of the gun law apply. Shooting, in turn, is subject to the Weapons Act and is allowed to do so only on approved shooting ranges occur. This is also allowed on fenced property if the owner agrees and the floors cannot leave the property.

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Pneumatic weapons: Special sport and recreational weapons
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