How To Fix Space Bar On Laptop Lenovo

Repair broken key on keyboard

If a keyboard is used on a daily basis, this naturally puts a strain on the mechanics. At some point, a key may even come loose. Instead of having to buy a new keyboard or have to send the notebook in for repair, you can often solve the problem yourself - with a little patience and fingertip sensitivity.

There are no general instructions because every keyboard is different. However, here are a few tips on how to repair the defective key:

If the key and its holder have become detached from the keyboard, the first thing to do is to carefully remove a second key. Then assemble the holder of the first key as shown under the second key and place it back on the keyboard. The button can then be clamped back onto the holder.

The space bar has a metal bar under the key cap. After you have carefully removed it from the keycap with a flat screwdriver so that it does not break off, it can be reattached to the motherboard of the keyboard. Then put on the space bar, press it - done!

If you've lost a key and need a replacement, the website is sure to help. Here are replacement keys for (almost) every keyboard, and at a low price. That will certainly be cheaper than replacing the keyboard.

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