What color pocket square with black tuxedo

Which tie goes with the black shirt?

Men's fashion: how do you combine the color black correctly?


This week is all about the color black. After all, tomorrow is the day after Thanksgiving - so-called "Black Friday". The traditional shopping day from the USA, which symbolically heralds the start of the Christmas shopping season, has long spilled over to Germany. Great discounts are advertised everywhere with black clothing, black posters or black banners.


In line with this, today we would like to deal a little more intensively with the color black: What does the black tie go with? Which tie goes with the black shirt? And what does “Black Tie” actually mean?


Color Psychology: How does the color black work?


First of all, it has to be said that strictly speaking black is not a color. Instead, the impression of black is created when there is no color stimulus in the eye or the light is completely absorbed. Black is therefore synonymous with darkness and therefore this color or sensory perception also arouses strong feelings like hardly any other.


According to color psychology, black is associated with death, emptiness, blindness, darkness, loneliness. At the same time, black is also very fascinating for many people and exudes dignity, seriousness, the mysterious, prestige or courage.


This fascination can also be seen in the statistics: Although only 16% of Germans say black is their favorite color, black is the most popular color in fashion and when buying furniture. So black is right on trend.


When should you wear black ties?


“Black goes with everything” - you might think. But combining a black tie is not that easy. After all, you don't want to look like you've come straight from a funeral. The black tie is no longer so strongly prejudiced, but in fact the dark tie had the reputation for a long time that it could only be worn to funeral ceremonies.


In the meantime, however, the black tie has become more established again and can score particularly well on formal and festive occasions. The black, narrow tie can also be combined with smart casual or business casual outfits. Here are the main points to look out for when trying to wear a black tie.


How to combine the black tie correctly



Shirt color: The shirt should always be white. There are very few exceptions where the black tie can also be worn with a red / burgundy shirt. A narrow black tie, especially with a pattern / structure, can also be worn with a black shirt in exceptional cases. You can find some examples at the end of the article.

As a rule, however, the following applies: black tie with white shirt.


Shirt collar: Reach for shirts with classic collars and leave your hands on collars with buttons.


Jacket &Trousers: You are a little more flexible here. If you are invited to a formal / festive occasion, the black jacket and matching black suit pants are of course the right choice. Dark jeans can also be worn for a business or smart casual look. In this case, the jacket can be omitted entirely or replaced with a cashmere sweater on cold days.


Pocket square: The pocket square should not be missing on formal occasions. It should ideally be in the same color as the shirt, i.e. mostly white.


What does “black tie” or “cravate noir” mean?


If the invitation for an evening event says “Black Tie” or “Cravate noir”, this does not actually mean a black tie, even if the name suggests it. Rather, the dress code in this case is: black tuxedo with black bow tie.

A few years ago, however, the trend arose to take invitations literally - at Oskar events you suddenly saw the tuxedo combined with narrow black ties. If your host has a very classic attitude, you could make a fool of yourself.


Which tie goes with the black shirt?


Just like the black tie, the black shirt is not as easy to wear as it might initially be assumed. After all, the shirt makes up a large part of the outfit and can quickly lead to the overall look being very dark / somber.


Pants & Jacket: You should therefore not wear dark trousers or jackets with a black shirt. Instead, use colors that appear too light, but that are not too gaudy. A light gray, a brown or even blue jeans would be possible combinations. In exceptional cases, a black / red look would also be conceivable - however, a red suit should really be chosen with care and only for special, possibly extravagant events.


Tie color: When it comes to choosing a tie for a black shirt, you are a little more flexible. You can experiment, especially in combination with jeans. The following applies to the suit: choose the color of the jacket if possible (e.g. gray or brown) or wear a white tie. Depending on the occasion, this can also be patterned or structured.


But colored accents are also possible: A harmonious outfit can also be put together with red, green or blue ties. However, you should be a little careful with too light colors such as salmon-colored ties or yellow ties. These are very eye-catching on the dark background. But if you are very stylish, you can use this effect for yourself.


A black tie on a black shirt can also be exciting: mainly narrow ties with a width of approx. 6 cm that are slightly structured / patterned are suitable for this combination so that the look does not become too monotonous / drab.


Examples: tie to black shirt


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